CAT CLASS: 0170100

Cleaning Drone Battery Operated


The Cleaning Drone brings a new and innovative approach to cleaning commercial building exteriors. It can easily, and safely, reach hard to clean spaces, as well as clean building exterior surfaces, roofs, and windows. The Cleaning Drone runs off rechargeable batteries providing continuous cleaning and making it more efficient than traditional cleaning methods. Packed in a carrying case this drone will also come with batteries, a charger, spray nozzles and a repair kit. Cleaning drones are registered with the FAA and require a FAA Part 107 Drone certification to operate.


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Make Lucid Drone Technologies
Amp Rating 80
Battery Run Time 8 hours
Blade Width 53 "
Blade Widths 53 in.
Power Source Battery
Type Remote Controlled
Water Pressure 1000 PSI
Weight 55 lbs
Width 53 "

Safety information

Safety Requirements
  • Eye Protection
  • Hard Hat
  • Wallet (Training Card)
  • Gloves
  • Safety Shoes