CAT CLASS: 0440097

Jersey Wall Clamp


Jersey wall clamp is an attachment for variety of heavy machinery. Enables lifting of heavy concrete walls with a capacity of 16,000 lbs. Ideal for handling walls with the length of 20 to 30 feet. Wall clamp has a scissor action that allows operator to easy unload walls from trucks into position.


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Make Kenco Kenco Kenco
Model KL12000 KL16000 KL9000
Capacity 12,000 lbs. 16,000 lbs. 9,000 lbs.
Grip Range 6" to 12" 6" to 12" 6" to 12"
Length of Wall Being Handled 16'-20' 20'-30' 10'-16'
Pad Sizes 6" x 36" 6" x 36" 6" x 24"

Safety information

Safety Requirements
  • Hard Hat
  • Safety Shoes