CAT CLASS: 0520150

90-100 HP Crawler Dozer LGP


Crawler dozers feature power angle-tilt blades for outstanding performance and precision control in a variety of earthmoving applications. The blade can be angled left/right, tilted forward/back and raised/lowered with a single joystick control. Rugged powertrains with hydrostatic, or power-shift transmissions, provide smooth operation and excellent load capacity. These low ground pressure bulldozers have a HP of 100.


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Make John Deere
Model 650K LGP
Blade Capacity 2.6 cu. yd.
Blade Width 115 "
Drawbar Pull_(1st gear/1 PHM) 33000 lbs
Ground Pressure 4.3 PSI
HP 104
Transport Dimensions 14'6"L x 10'4"W x 9'1"H
Weight 22343 lbs

Safety information

Safety Requirements
  • Hard Hat
  • Safety Shoes