CAT CLASS: 0350155

11,000 lb Mini Excavator w/ Cab


The 11,000 lb mini excavator is an excellent option for small to medium size projects. With a peak digging force of 9,442 lbs depedning on the model, and outstanding maneuverability, the mini-excavator has a maximum digging depth of nearly 12 feet, as well as, a maximum reach of over 18 feet. This mini ex model is equipped with a fully enclosed cab to protect you from the elements. It also features a backfill blade for leveling and stabilizing ground. Renting a mini excavator is an excellent solution for digging around obstacles or alongside structures for small to medium size jobs.


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Make Bobcat Bobcat John Deere
Model E45 E50 50G
HP 42 49 36
Max Digging Depth 10.8333 ' 11.5833 ' 11.5833 '
Max Digging Force 8048 lbs 9442 lbs 8267 lbs
Max Digging Reach 18.5833 ' 19.5000 ' 19.5833 '
Overall Width 72" 77" 79"
Standard Bucket 24" 24" 24"
Weight 10077 lbs 10677 lbs 10847 lbs

Safety information

Safety Requirements
  • Hard Hat
  • Safety Shoes