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CAT CLASS: 0320310

Shot Blaster 8" 110V Electric


Portable shot blasters provide one-step surface preparation for a variety of concrete surface applications where a minimum amount of material must be removed in preparation for resurfacing. Blast media (shot) is directed in a controlled pattern to scour the surface. A powerful dust collector vacuum separates the blasted debris from the shot and stores it safely for disposal. Steel shot is recycled through the chamber until it is too small to be effective and then it is removed with the debris by the vacuum. This 110V electric shot blaster is a push-type edger model works within 1/2" of side walls and 1-1/2" of corners and accommodates a dust collector vacuum. It provides blast patterns up to 9” wide and a production capacity of 275 sq. ft./hr.


Products are subject to availability.

Make National Floor BlastPro
Model A95 BP-9-110V
Amp Rating 17 N.A.
Power Source 1.5 HP 115V 110V, 18A
Production Capacity 430 sq. ft./hr. 275 sq. ft./hr.
Travel Speed Manual Manual
Type Electric push-type Electric push-type
Weight 121 lbs 121 lbs
Working Width 8" 9"

Safety information

Safety Requirements
  • Eye Protection
  • Hard Hat
  • Gloves
  • Safety Shoes