CAT CLASS: 0020093

Hand Held Air Scabbler


Air-powered scabblers are ideal for removing spalling, loose, deteriorating, and oil-soaked concrete for new overlayments. They can also be used for ramping large slab differences, texturing parking deck and wheelchair ramps, producing slip-resistant surfaces, and removing floor coatings. They utilize carbide bits in multi-head configurations to hammer concrete or asphalt surfaces, removing bulk material at penetrations up to 1/4" per pass. This single unit pole scabbler has the same power as a unit of multi-pool scabblers and is designed for awkward corners and areas such as where the wall and floor meet. Tow-able diesel air compressors suitable for powering air-powered scabblers are also available for rent.


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Make Chicago Pneumatic Texas Pneumatic
Model CP 0006 T3
Air Requirement 28 CFM 15 CFM
Length 16" 11"
Max BPM 3,000 5,200
Weight 10 lbs 8.3000 lbs

Safety information

Safety Requirements
  • Eye Protection
  • Safety Shoes
  • Gloves