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CAT CLASS: 0600410

15 Ton Carry Deck Crane Gas/Propane


This 15-ton gas/propane carry deck crane is compact with a low-profile design that clears overhead obstructions and maneuvers in tight spaces. It's 4-wheel steering option allows for a very tight turning radius for quick positioning in constrained spaces. Further, this pick and carry deck crane has a large, self-loading cargo deck ideal for transporting heavy objects on the job. The maximum carry capacity is 16,200 lbs and the horizontal reach is 37’/51’. This unit is adaptable for a wide variety of applications including industrial and manufacturing plants, equipment maintenance & repair, industrial & mechanical contractors, as well as general construction. Altogether, the carry deck crane is an ideal machine for your heavy lifting in constrained environments.


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Make Broderson Shuttlelift
Model IC-200-2C DF 5540 DF
Capacity (Deck) 17,000 lbs.* 20,000 lbs.*
Capacity (Outriggers) 30,000 lbs.* 30,000 lbs.*
Capacity (Pick/Carry) 16,200 lbs.* 16,000 lbs.*
Horizontal Reach 36'/51'** 37'/51'**
Overall Ht/Width 95"/96" 96"/94"
Power Source 110 HP Dual Fuel 80 HP Diesel
Sheave Height 45'/60'** 27'/61'**
Weight 27640 lbs 26500 lbs

Safety information

Safety Requirements
  • Hard Hat
  • Safety Shoes