Benefits that work for you

At Sunbelt Rentals, we understand that the equipment, tools, and services we offer would mean nothing without our valued team members. That’s why we offer a competitive and comprehensive benefits package to support you and your family.

For starters, we want to ensure you have access to your benefits as a full-time Sunbelt Rentals team member as soon as possible. While many employers offer benefits only after the completion of a 90-day probationary period, full-time Sunbelt Rentals employees and their families are eligible for benefits after just 30 days of employment. That means less waiting and uncertainty so that you can plan ahead and know that your health and well-being are taken care of. 

A strong work-life balance is essential to the Sunbelt Rentals workplace culture. Need to take some time off? Whether you’re sick, going on vacation, or just need a personal day, our paid time off policy ensures that you can take the time you’ve earned without missing a beat. Plus, the longer you’ve worked here, the more annual PTO you receive! 

Sunbelt Rentals team members can also take advantage of a full spectrum of medical, dental, and vision plans. We know that routine and preventative medical care are a key part of staying healthy, so under Sunbelt Rentals medical plan, we cover these services at no cost to you. Plus, our plan’s low deductibles, doctor’s office visits costs, pharmacy co-pays, and competitive coinsurance rates mean we’ve got you covered when it matters most. 

Mental health is another vital part of overall well-being, and Sunbelt Rentals is proud to offer counseling services for our team members in addition to traditional health care coverage. Our Employee Assistance Program includes free and confidential counseling and assistance for personal, family, and work-related issues.

Want to use pre-tax money to cover those co-pays and deductibles when they come up? You can set up automatic contributions from every paycheck to go into a health care flexible spending account. You can even use money in your health care FSA toward certain eligible health-related everyday purchases. 

Another flexible spending account option you can take advantage of is for dependent care expenses. Just like the health care FSA, you can contribute funds from each paycheck to cover the cost of child care, babysitters, after school programs, and more. Just another way Sunbelt Rentals prioritizes taking care of our people and their families.

Speaking of families, whether you’re starting or growing yours, we at Sunbelt Rentals want you to be able to cherish that special time without worrying about finances. That’s why we provide 4 weeks of paid parental leave within the first 12 months after the birth, adoption, or placement for foster care of a child.

And while you’re enjoying the now, Sunbelt Rentals can help you plan for the future with 401(k) Retirement Plan saving options. We offer you the option of both pre- and post-tax contributions to the company 401(k) retirement plans. Sunbelt Rentals will match your contributions at a rate of 50% up to the first 6%. Rest assured that our investment options are optimizing your retirement savings. Additionally, with employer-paid basic life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance, you can have peace of mind for you and your loved ones in the event of an accident.

On top of all these standard benefits, Sunbelt Rentals also offers a number of voluntary benefit add-ons, including voluntary life insurance, disability insurance, critical illness insurance, and accident insurance.

Our comprehensive benefits help you achieve the work-life balance that is central to our company culture. Together, we can deliver the impeccable service and rental experience our customers have come to  rely on us for.