Tool and Equipment Rentals for Floor & Décor Pros

Best-in-class flooring and tile brands & retail outlets, like Floor & Décor, and the pros who appreciate quality and service all know the value Sunbelt Rentals brings to any project. We’re your one-stop shop for tools and equipment to make your floor & tiling projects easier, from prep through installation and the final finishing touches.

Sunbelt Rentals is a proud partner in Floor & Décor’s PRO Premier Rewards program. You get a 10% discount on tool rentals at your local Sunbelt Rentals locations or select Walmart stores near your neighborhood Floor & Décor. This means renting tools with Sunbelt Rentals is even more affordable and an effective way to manage project costs without sacrificing tool quality.

Renting the flooring and tile equipment you need from Sunbelt is a smart decision. You’ll save the upfront investment of tool ownership, plus you won't have to worry about storage, maintenance and repair costs. You’ll have the confidence to take on specialty jobs knowing that the right tools needed for the job will always be avalaible. Plus, we provide knowledgeable service and 24/7 support to make flooring and tiling jobs that much easier to accomplish.

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Flooring equipment for rent

For pros, having the right tools for flooring, carpet or tile installation makes all the difference in getting the job done right and on time. For Floor & Décor PRO Premier Rewards members, those tools are an online tap or phone call away. When your next project requires laminate, vinyl, hardwood, carpet, or tile installation. Trust Sunbelt Rentals for the quality tools you’ll need to make installation seamless.

Floor & Décor equipment for rent
Kitchen tile backsplashes

When the job calls for installing a tile backsplash to customize a kitchen design, Sunbelt Rentals has the tools you need to make it go smoothly.


Tile saws

Tile and grout cleaner

Ceiling/interior laser level

Small electric mixer

Wood flooring installation tools

From prepping the surface properly to cutting wood flooring and installing it correctly, the right flooring equipment makes all the difference in how the job gets completed.


Floor stripper 100 lb

Hard wood floor nailer

Hard wood floor edger

Air nailers and staplers

Carpet cleaning machines

When the job calls for professional-grade carpet cleaning, count on Sunbelt Rentals for the professional-grade flooring equipment that will help you get the job done fast and well.


Carpet extractors

Carpet dryer 2250 CFM

Carpet repair tools

The key to efficiently laying or refurbishing carpet is using the right tools to get the best results. Sunbelt offers a variety of carpet repair tools that will help you reduce wrinkles and folds, smooth seams, and secure edges.


Carpet iron

Carpet stretcher

Carpet knee kicker

Exterior cleaning machines and washers

Exterior floor jobs like laying patio pavers or tiles often require specialized cleaning and preparation before the actual flooring work can begin. Sunbelt Rentals has you covered with exterior cleaning machines and washers.


Pressure washers

Pressure washer extension wand

Walk-behind sweepers

Ceiling/interior laser level

Bathroom shower tile tools

Bathroom tile projects require an assortment of specialty tools that help you to remove old tile, prep the surfaces correctly, and install new tile. Rely on Sunbelt Rentals for the tools you need to accomplish any bathroom tile project with ease.


Manual ceramic tile cutter

Tile saws

Tile and grout cleaner

Small electric mixer

Outdoor paver patio tools

Properly laying a brick or paver patio or walkway properly requires tools that allow you to level the base, cut the stone, brick, travertine, or concrete, and apply mortar. Choose sunbelt rentals for the outdoor patio paver tools that will deliver professional results.


Plate tamper

14" brick saw gas

14" gas cutoff saw

4-5" angle grinder

4-6 cu ft concrete mixer

Trim molding tool rentals

Make the finishing touches in any room with trim and molding tools from Sunbelt Rentals.


Compound miter saw

Finish nailer

Wall mosaics equipment

Mosaic tile wall projects can be a challenge, considering the size and types of tile that you want to install. Get the tools you need from Sunbelt Rentals to ensure that every step of the process is done right and efficiently.


Interior laser

Tile saws

Ceramic tile nipper

Rent Tools and Equipment on the Go

Easily find and rent the tools and equipment you need for any project. Plus, save time with delivery, invoice management, and so much more with the new Sunbelt Rentals App.

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