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Industrial Steel & Metal Fabrication Services

Precision Steel Works, a Sunbelt Rentals company, provides full-service steel and metal fabrication services and engineering solutions to our customers. Our team of metal engineers will walk you through the metal fabricating process to meet your specific product needs. Our fully equipped metalworking fabrication shop creates custom products for a variety of industries. We can assist you in providing the right solution for any situation.

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Welding   Electromechanical Assembly   Finishing

Our welders are cross-trained in various welding processes such as metal inert gas (MIG), tungsten inert gas (TIG) and stick metal arc welding (SMAW). From welding mild and aluminum to steel and stainless steel materials, we possess the skills to get the job done. We also perform resistance spot welding (RSW) on cabinets, filters and other stainless steel fabrications.


At Precision Steel Works, we combine process expertise and know-how to produce quality custom-build electromechanical assemblies. From concept to completion, we offer turnkey solutions, dependable service and the capabilities to deliver high-quality finished products that meet your production requirements.


As a full-service metal fabrication company, our offerings include finishing and assembly. From powder coating to industrial grade paints, we offer a variety of paint finishes for your products. Our team handles projects of all sizes in a computer-controlled environment.


Precision Steel Works is committed to providing you a superior, customized product and the highest level of service and reliability. We become your partner from the very first phone call, working with you to deliver a product that is on time, within budget and of the utmost value. We take pride in delivering 100% customer satisfaction.

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