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Air Compressors 90CFM - 250Cfm Rentals

CAT CLASS: 001-0010

90CFM 125psi Diesel Air Compressor

Best for powering your pneumatic tools, this portable air compressor can help complete your job safely and efficiently. It runs quietly, and has a noise rating that exceeds EPA requirements. In this compressor, the pressure is 125 PSI with a weight of 1,160 lbs., and the design is compact, yet stable enough for highway towing.


CAT CLASS: 001-0030

185CFM 125psi Diesel Air Compressor Rental

This diesel air compressor contains a dependable Tier 4 Final-compliant Deutz engine supplying ample power for various applications. With its small footprint, it is portable, maneuverable, and easy to tow. The body of this compressor is protected with a virtually indestructible single-piece composite canopy, ensuring long unit life. This 185CFM 125PSI diesel air compressor has a weight of 2,325 lbs. and is one of the most dependable units on the market.


CAT CLASS: 001-0045

200-250CFM Diesel Air Compressor

With a three-degree limited ambient temperature improvement, the 200-250 CFM diesel air compressor is dependable in even the highest temperatures of up to 118 degrees Fahrenheit. This compressor is Tier 4i compliant and maximizes productivity with an eight-hour runtime. The service points are easy to access and the maintenance is minimal.


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