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Wheel Loader Attachment Rentals

CAT CLASS: 057-0395

Wheel Loader Bucket

The wheel loader bucket is an attachment intended for a wheel loader. It allows the user to transport soil and various materials from one site to another. The bucket is available in multiple sizes ranging from 2.5-4 cubic yards.


CAT CLASS: 057-0400

Wheel Loader Root Rake

The wheel loader root rake is attachment intended for a wheel loader. The rake features a pin-on attachment which allows the user to attach and detach effortlessly. The root rake enables the cleanup of debris and can quickly transfer components or materials easily at jobsites or facilities.


CAT CLASS: 057-0450

Wheel Loader Fork Attachment

This fork attachment is an intended for a wheel loader. It allows the unit to lift and transfer palletized materials and bulk items on any type of terrain.


CAT CLASS: 150-1600

Wheel Loader Fork Attachments

Wheel loader fork attachments have a 20,000 lbs. capacity while lifting. Variety of different forks are available depending on jobsite and operations, including the handling of cars, logs, large pipes, or large stones. Include common sense back-frame widths and are designed for increased visibility.


CAT CLASS: 150-1610

Turf Tires For Landscape Loader /Tractor

Turf tires are available to provide maximum traction while handling landscape operations. Designed for performance and durability in any environment. The tire’s wider foot print and tread design are multi-purposed and turf friendly. Prevent damage to the landscape while moving large weight capacities.


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