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Pressure Washer Accessory Rentals

CAT CLASS: 016-1395

Pressure Washer Hot Box

A portable water heater that connects with existing cold water pressure washers. Allows the user to switch from cold water to hot water efficiently by using the thermostat temperature control. Connects using a 3/8" QC inlet/outlet.


CAT CLASS: 150-1365

Pressure Washer Hose

Can be used as a replacement hose or extension hose. These hoses are highly durable and very easy to use. Can be used with pressure washer models with up to 5,000 PSI.


CAT CLASS: 150-1370

Pressure Washer Extension Wand Rental

Clean those hard to reach spots with this pressure washer extension wand that includes a comfort grip. This easy to use wand can be used with both gas and electric models.


CAT CLASS: 150-1375

Pressure Washer Turbo Rotating Nozzle

This turbo rotating nozzle allows for a circular spray pattern that maximizes pressure and helps clean faster than a regular pressure washer nozzle.


CAT CLASS: 150-1380

Pressure Washer Chemical Injector

A pressure washer attachment that allows the user to add chemical cleaners and detergents for additional cleaning power. The attachment is ideal for quick connect units.


CAT CLASS: 150-1385

Pressure Washer Water Buffer

Clean larger surfaces faster and easier with a standard cleaning nozzle. Equipped with strong-bristled brushes for long life and easy glide control. Applications include cleaning decks, patios, sidewalks, driveways, pool decks, parking lots and any other horizontal surface.


CAT CLASS: 150-1390

Pressure Washer Wet Sand Blast Att

Pressure washer wet sandblaster attachment turns traditional pressure washer into an industrial wet sandblaster. More efficient than dry sandblasting and does not create dust. Remove stains or other layers off materials with ease. Operates at 1,500 PSI with easy assembly.


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