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Lawn Aerator Rentals

CAT CLASS: 070-0009

27" Aerator

With a 26.5-inch swath and quick ground speeds, you can cover up to 40,000 square feet in an hour. Covered lift grips and a front bumper guard make tying down for transportation easy, as well as add protection from damage. Removable rear wheels simplify maneuvering in tight areas and let you pass through gates and down narrow paths with ease.


CAT CLASS: 070-0010

18" Aerator

User-friendly and simple to use, these aerators are constructed for heavy-duty daily use and are practically maintenance-free and ideal for landscaper’s and homeowner’s lawn care needs.


CAT CLASS: 070-0057

Ride On Aerator Rental

The ride-on aerator uses evenly spaced coring tines to remove tiny cores of turf, this opens up the soil to improve air exchange, water flow and fertilizer. This unit has a working with of 30" with an aerating depth of 0-5".


CAT CLASS: 070-0063

Aerator Tow-Behind Rental

The Tow-Behind Aerator reduces soil compaction on lawns, promoting the growth of healthy root systems. 30-36" working width and 44 Coring tines. Weighs 250lbs.


CAT CLASS: 150-1570

Push Aerator

Manual push aerator that is spiked to expose grass to variety of applications such as air, water, fertilizer, or other nutrients. Steel weight tray to hold concrete block and create pressure to expose ground. Provides healthier landscapes and environments. Large axle width allows for operator to cover areas quickly.


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