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Ride-On Scrubber Rentals

CAT CLASS: 040-0150

Carpet Extractor Ride-On Battery

Rotating brushes and vacuum lift are designed to clean and dry carpet in minutes while reducing mold and bacteria growth.


CAT CLASS: 040-0200

Scrubber Micro Ride-On Battery

The Micro Ride-On Scrubber is a compact industrial grade, self-propelled, rider scrubber. It is designed to clean both large and small areas for high efficiency and low environmental impact. This Scrubber has a 32" Cleaning Width and a 29 gallon solution tank. It weighs 850 lbs.


CAT CLASS: 040-0210

Scrubber Mid-Frame Ride-On Battery

This battery-powered rider scrubber offers unobtrusive cleaning. You can operate this machine anytime of the day and anywhere in the building while maintaining day-to-day business. For a safe and easy cleaning experience providing optimal results while minimizing training time and incidents. This scrubber is designed for to increase productivity and user experience.


CAT CLASS: 040-0220

Scrubber Industrial Ride-On Lpg

Choose our most rugged propane powered industrial ride-on floor scrubber for heavy duty cleaning. Highly productive, highly maneuverable and extremely simple to use, this scrubber is designed to work in tight corners and close to walls. Propane powered and equipped with a large tank for the longest scrubbing time in the industry between fills. 40" Cleaning Width


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