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ToolFlex Tool List

Air Compressors and Air Tools

20 CFM Air Compressor Gas
5 CFM Air Compressor Electric
5 CFM Air Compressor Gas
7 CFM Air Compressor Electric
8 CFM Air Compressor Gas
Air Impact Wrench Wrenches 1/2" - 3-1/2"
3/4" Air Impact
Air Tamper
15 lb Air Hammer
20 lb Air Hammer
35 lb Air Hammer
65 lb Air Hammer
90 lb Air Hammer
Rivet Buster
35lb Air Rock Drill
50lb Air Rock Drill
Air Needle Scaler
Air Fence Post Driver


Jumping Jack Tamper 115-130lb Class
Jumping Jack Tamper 125lb Electric Class
Jumping Jack Tamper 135-165lb Class
Jumping Jack Tamper 135-165lb Electric Class
Jumping Jack Tamper 160-175lb Class
Jumping Jack Tamper 165-185lb Class Diesel
Plate Tamper 140lb Class 14" Wide
Plate Tamper 200lb Class 19.5" Wide

Concrete and Masonry

36" Walk Behind Concrete Electric Trowel
48" Walk Behind Concrete Power Trowel
Concrete Edger Electric
Concrete Grinder Dual Disc Electric
Concrete Grinder Dual Disc Gas
Concrete Grinder Single Disc Electric
Concrete Grinder Single Disc Gas/Propane
Concrete Dust Vacuum-Wet/Dry
Dust Extractor 230V 250-360CFM
Dust Extractor Dry Only 120V 200-275CFM
Dust Extractor Dry Only 120V 276-299CFM
Dust Extractor Wet/Dry 120V 100-199CFM
Dust Extractor Wet/Dry 120V 300+ CFM
Grinder Hand Held 7" With Vacuum
14" Air Floor Saw
18" Floor Saw Gas
18" Floor Saw 230V Electric
12" Gas Cutoff Saw
14" Electric Cutoff Saw
14" Gas Cutoff Saw
16" Electric Cutoff Saw
16" Gas Cutoff Saw
Gas Cut & Break Saw
Core Drill Hand Held 2 Speed
Core Drill Hand Held 3 Speed
Core Drill Rig 20 Amp 2 Speed
Core Drill Rig 3 Speed
Core Drill Rig 4 Speed
10" Green Concrete Saw Gas
6" Green Concrete Saw Gas
10" Rail Tile Saw Electric
10" Tile Saw Electric
14" Brick Saw Electric
14" Brick Saw Gas
8" Tile Saw Electric
6 Cu ft Gas Concrete Mixer Towbehind
9 Cu ft Gas Concrete Mixer Towbehind
Concrete Vibrator 1HP-2HP
Concrete Vibrator 3HP
7 Cu ft Gas Mortar Mixer Towbehind
9 Cu ft Gas Mortar Mixer Towbehind
Portable Small Electric Mixer Wheelbarrow
Rebar Bender Electric
Rebar Cutter Electric
12" Electric Cutoff Saw
12" Electric Cutoff Saw

Electrical and Mechanical Tool

Pipe Tri-Stand Ridgid 450/460
1/2"-2" Conduit Bender Greenlee 555
1/2"-2" Conduit Bender Greenlee 854
3/4" - 2" Conduit Bender Greenlee 1818
1/2" - 4" 110V PVC Heater Greenlee 851
1/2" - 1" Conduit Bender Greenlee 1800
1/2" - 2" Ridgid 535 Threader
1/2" - 2" Ridgid 700 Threader
1/2"-2" Ridgid 300 Threader
115 Volt Mig Welder

Facility Maintenance

Drill-Powered Eel Sewer Snake
Large Eel Sewer Snake
Medium Eel Sewer Snake
Rodrunner/Cable Eel Sewer Snake
Small Eel Sewer Snake
4 Gallon Commercial Carpet Extractor
13" Floor Buffer Electric
17" Floor Buffer Electric
20" Floor Burnisher High Speed Electric
Hard Wood Floor Drum Sander
Hard Wood Floor Edger
Floor Stripper 100# Electric

General Construction Tools

2000psi Gas Cold Water Pressure Washer
2500psi Gas Cold Water Pressure Washer
3000psi Gas Cold Water Pressure Washer
3500psi Gas Cold Water Pressure Washer
4000psi Gas Cold Water Pressure Washer
Wet / Dry Shop Vacuum
Trash Hopper Attachment For Forklift
4" - 5" Grinder
7" Grinder
9" Grinder
16" Circular Saw
Compound Miter Saw
Band Saw
1/2" Drill
Right Angle Drill
1/2" Electric Impact Wrench
3/4" Electric Impact Wrench
1-3/8" Magnetic Annular Cutter Drill
2" Magnetic Annular Cutter Drill
3/4" Magnetic Drill
Drywall Sander
1" & Larger Rotary Hammer
1-1/4" & Larger Combination Hammer
1-1/8" & Smaller Combination Hammer
1-7/8" & Smaller Hammer Drill
12lb Class Demolition Hammer
2" & Larger Hammer Drill
25lb Class Demolition Hammer
35lb Class Demolition Hammer
65lb Class Demolition Hammer
7/8" & Smaller Rotary Hammer
14" Metal Chop Saw
Ceiling Laser Level 2000R
Ceiling Laser Level 600R
Laser Grade Level
Transit Level
1000 Watt Tripod Light Stand 115V
2000 Watt Portable Light Cart 115V
Electric Manhole Blower 115V
Gas Manhole Blower
24"-48" High Volume Fan 115V
Pedestal Fan 115V


2500 Watt Generator
3600 Watt Generator
5000 Watt Generator
6500 Watt Generator
2000 Watt Inverter Generator
3000 Watt Inverter Generator
6500 Watt Inverter Generator

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