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Pest-Heat is Your Solution for IPPC Standards

In response to international shipping regulations of non-manufactured wood-packing materials, Pest-Heat has developed a new technology of heat treatment systems. With the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) regulations, Pest-Heat offers an easy, cost-effective solution. Pest Heat's self contained, portable chamber system offers an easy, cost effective solution for international regulations. The system ensures complete heat treatment certification for wood pallets, wood products, dunnage and crating.
Pest-Heat's Chamber System is not just an oven or kiln, but a new technology for the treatment of coniferous and non-coniferous wood packing materials. The systems uses a controlled environment of high-temperature forced air in a chamber to permanently and safely eradicate pests. The patented system is a fast, safe, portable and cost-effective alternative to chemical solutions such as Methyl Bromide or chemical pressure impregnation for pest control. US Patent # 6,612,067 & US Patent # 6,678,994

USDA Compliant Export Device

Pest-Heat chambers are compliant with E.U.56/30 and IPPC requirements as an export device for the pine wood nematode and other pests. The chamber destroys insects and pests in pallets, wood products, packing materials and equipment. Pest-Heat pioneered the treatment and management of pests through the use of their patent-pending heat treatment process and equipment. The Pest-Heat Chamber System was developed in partnership through many years of testing and data collection. Working in partnership with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) and the United States Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine (CHPPM), the Pest-Heat chamber is by far the most effective and economical heat treatment system for the control of pests.


System Destroys:

Pinewood Nematode • Asian Longhorn Beetles • Bark Beetles • Borers • Fungus • Larvae • Eggs • Termites

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