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How does the Pest-Heat System work?


The Pest-Heat treatment process delivers controlled, evenly distributed heat throughout a structure for several hours with high volumes of air movement while recording and monitoring temperatures. During a typical heat treatment process, internal temperatures are slowly raised in the space to a target temperature of 120°F to 140°F and then held for several hours. Achieving this temperature in the cracks, crevices, and hard-to-reach places is necessary for the heat to effectively penetrate and kill the entire life cycle of bedbugs, from eggs to adults. Temperatures are then consistently monitored and recorded remotely from numerous temperature sensors placed strategically throughout the room.

This safe, chemical free approach is the most efficient and environmentally friendly heat treatment method for insect eradication.



The Pest-Heat process relies on three key components to ensure a successful heat treatment:


Our custom-designed, portable electric or propane forced-air heaters deliver high volumes of heat. The heaters are placed within the targeted area, introducing and re-circulating heated air for maximum efficiency.



Portable fans with high temperature and high CFM, variable speeds and low amp draw are utilized to distribute the heated air evenly throughout the space and target high infestation zones.



Probes and sensors are used to track the heating progress and to ensure proper heat penetration in all places where bugs can take refuge. The system allows heat to penetrate behind cracks and into crevices, ensuring that pest eradication is a complete success.

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