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Download our Guide to Cable Routing and Layout for help navigating project design, layout, and cable routing to ensure safe and accurate load testing during commissioning and maintenance.

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Primary or Backup Power When You Need It

Our extensive fleet of generators and distribution equipment is available for primary or backup power, whether during construction, ongoing operation, or routine maintenance. Supported by a seasoned team of professionals, with unmatched 24/7 service and support, Sunbelt Rentals is equipped to help you succeed.

As for applications, load banks from Sunbelt Rentals are commonly used for testing the following: power supply and critical power systems, wind and solar farms, substations and transformers, naval and marine generators, and Integrated Systems Testing (IST) of grid power. Our load banks can be used for wind and solar farm commissioning as well as electrical switchgear burn in or commissioning. Additionally, load banks from Sunbelt Rentals are implemented for Mission Critical, backup power for annual or semi-annual healthcare, HVAC systems, and both drilling and production oil and gas power generation systems.

Sunbelt Rentals seasoned experts in test design and equipment selection provide you real-world controlled operations testing to increase your productivity, reduce your downtime, and decrease your risk of outages. In between rentals, robust and rigorous quality control processes are performed to deliver high quality equipment for safe and reliable testing.

Load Bank Equipment Solutions


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