Pumping Solutions & Fluid Handling Equipment for Rent

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From pumping design to installation to on-site pump watch, our Sunbelt Rentals’ trained technicians are ready to help develop an engineered pumping solution that meets your project requirements. Whether it’s the transfer of hazardous fluids, water level management, tank cleaning, the repair of existing pipelines, or a need to move water during a plant expansion project, our pump specialists will help solve your pumping requests. Our expertise enables contractors to keep their projects on time and on budget. Facilities managers can count on keeping their operations running with little or no downtime.

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Commercial & Industrial Pumping Equipment for Rent

Sunbelt Rentals helps you determine the most productive and cost effective pumping equipment solution for all your fluid handling needs. In terms of pumping equipment, we operate an extensive, modern, and well-maintained pump rental fleet varying in total head pressure that includes both centrifugal pumps and positive displacement pumps. Specifically, we offer diesel and electric silenced and open frame trash pumps, air diaphragm pumps, submersible pumps, small utility pumps, and hydrostatic test pumps, as well as an assortment of specialty application pumps including chopper, diesel double diaphragm and high head models. We also carry a complete line of pumping accessories, from hoses, discharge pipes, valves, and flanges to fittings, transducers, and road ramps.

Sewer Bypass Pumping Rentals
Industrial Pumping Design & Support
Chiller Flushing
  • Water source filtration
  • New construction & existing renovations
  • Irrigation line testing
  • Pipeline pressure testing
  • Water Flow rate control
Mine Dewatering Pump Rentals
  • Dewatering
  • Groundwater Control

Construction Dewatering Equipment Rentals


Sunbelt Rentals recognizes the challenges associated with determining the flow rate of a moving body of water. From stillwater to moving currents, our water pumping design specialists understand the intricacies associated with dewatering projects. This dedicated team can take on any commercial pumping jobs from quarry dewatering to ponds and rivers. Our project experts are here to help with open pit dewatering, underground dewatering, mine dewatering, wash plant pumps, and more. Any customer support you need is a call away.

Bypass Pumping Equipment Rentals

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Whether renewing aging infrastructure, reinforcing deteriorating pipes, or performing planned or emergency sewer replacement, we offer a fleet of fluid or solids handling rental equipment to meet increased sanitary sewer demands and regulations. We know that each bypass project comes with its own unique set of challenges. 

To help meet enhanced bypass pump requirements, Sunbelt Rentals continues to evolve our offerings and have recently added chopper pumps, non-clog units that are capable of chopping incoming solids.  Our team of highly trained technicians is ready to apply that knowledge and help ensure that your sewer bypass pumping project is a complete success.

Industrial Pumping Equipment Rentals

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Whether you need industrial pump rentals to transfer hazardous fluids, repair existing pipelines, or move water during a plant expansion project, our pumping design specialists are ready to guide you from design to installation. Our goal is twofold: to assist you in maintaining a safe, dry work environment through high performance pumping equipment and accessories, and to help you ensure that your project stays on track. 

Our years of expertise in the pumping industry provides the customer service you expect from an industrial equipment rental partner.

Emergency Response Pumping Equipment Rentals

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Our large inventory of high performance pump equipment rentals, as well as pumping accessories for any circumstance is available across the country. We’re also available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergency services. Our trained technicians will work with you to identify the correct types of pump equipment, design plan, and maintenance options for your emergency pumping needs. This way, you can rent pumping equipment with confidence knowing that we have the experience and responsiveness needed to keep your project moving in the right direction.

Chiller Flushing Equipment Rentals

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From new construction to renovation projects, we provide industrial pump rentals and accessories for cleaning, flushing, and testing of new and refurbished chiller systems. Our trained technicians will guide you through the process of using air-cooled chillers to flush your pipe systems.

Mining Equipment Rentals


Flow rate plays an important role in any mining operation, and Sunbelt Rentals offers innovative pumping services to minimize downtime and reduce costs. Your mining and quarrying project can be completed with our extensive inventory of pumps for rent, as well as accessories.


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Pump Accessories

When you rent pumping equipment, we provide you with everything you need for the job. This includes Auto-Start and Remote Monitoring Systems, automatic-level transducers, hoses, flanges, valves, and fittings. Sunbelt Rentals is your one-stop shop for all your pumping equipment rental needs.

Pump Accessories
Construction Site Fluid Removal

Unfortunately, fluids such as water, trash, and sludge, have a habit of getting in places where they don’t belong, especially on construction sites. Our pumps can assist you with those projects that involve fluid transfer and removal, and our team of pumping experts is available at your convenience 24/7.

Dewatering Pumps
Dedicated Pump Solutions Locations

Sunbelt Rentals is one of the largest equipment rental companies in North America. Our footprint in the U.S. and Canada allows us to engineer pumping solutions to fit your needs, no matter where you are. We have dedicated locations that specialize in sewer bypass, commercial & industrial pumping, and dewatering. 

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Easy Delivery & Pickup of Pumping Equipment

Our engineered solutions and complete turnkey services include the option of delivery and pickup. This option allows your rental equipment to be at your convenience, saving you the time and the hassle. With an extensive network of locations in North America, we’re sure to support any last-minute fluid or solids handling requests you may have.

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