Mission Critical

It's critical to properly size cable when connecting temporary power or a load bank. Eliminate the need to work calculations by hand with our convenient CABLE CALCULATOR.

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Mission Critical Equipment & Standby Power Solutions

We understand that mission critical facilities require continuous power. Backed by one of the largest fleets of portable and containerized generators in the industry – along with load banks, transformers, fuel tanks, air handlers, chillers, and heaters – we’re well equipped to help you prepare for a facility outage, redundancy, scheduled maintenance, and permanent asset arrival.

  • AC resistive load banks
  • AC reactive/ inductive load banks
  • Asset & building commissioning
  • Building commissioning process
  • Concrete desiccant drying
  • Construction desiccant drying
  • Contingency planning
  • Data center protection
  • DC resistive load banks
  • Emergency air requirements
  • Government/ military installations
  • Ground drying
  • Ground thawing
  • Hot & cold aisle simulation
  • In situ chiller flush
  • Load testing
  • On-site fuel replenishment
  • On-site load bank setup
  • Planned & unplanned shutdowns
  • Redundancy
  • RH/°F asset protection
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Server room protection
  • Supplemental air requirements
  • Short-term environmental conditioning
  • Spot heating & cooling
  • Temporary power & distribution

Air Handlers and Chillers


Mission critical facilities require equipment that is reliable, efficient, and easy to operate. From hot and cold aisle simulation to temporary environmental conditioning, we carry the air handling units and chillers to get the job done. Our rental units offer a smart, cost-effective way to efficiently cool a space. Whether used in conjunction with your existing HVAC system or as an independent cooling source, our chillers and air handlers can meet the most demanding environmental requirements.

Power Generation


Whether during construction, an ongoing operation, or routine maintenance, Sunbelt Rentals offers an extensive fleet of generators and distribution equipment available for primary or backup power. Renting portable and containerized generators allows you to ensure steady and dependable power for both planned and unplanned scenarios.

Temporary Heating Solutions


We provide a wide variety of construction heater rentals. Our hydronic surface heaters are equipped with heat transfer hoses. These hoses offer an ideal solution for thawing frozen ground to keep construction on schedule, despite the elements. Our indirect-fired heaters are designed to stand up to the most extreme conditions in a mission critical environment. We also offer flameless heaters, the efficiencies of which allow for less fuel consumption.

Fuel Delivery Service and Tanks


Rely on Sunbelt Rentals to provide the right fuel solutions at the right time and place. Proper fueling is vital to generator performance and reliability. Trust us to help you choose a properly sized fuel tank to meet the unique needs and demands of your business. From logistics planning to on-site fueling and monitoring, our team of experts is ready to handle all your fuel tank rental needs.

Load Banks


In an industry where uptime and quick responses are crucial, regular load bank testing is a must. Renting load banks is the most effective and flexible means of validating constant power supplies and critical power systems to ensure your equipment will perform when needed. From testing and handling on-site setup to pre-planning and logistics, we handle everything to ensure your facility’s components and assets have been vetted and will perform as designed.

Cooling Towers

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Sunbelt Rentals provides comprehensive solutions with cooling towers ranging from 6,000 to 600,000 GPM. Our cooling towers are known for their high efficiency, great reliability, superior operation, flexibility, and excellent thermal performance.


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ToolFlex™ gives you the flexibility to rent and exchange qualifying contractor tools and equipment as often as you want, in quantities of three to ten. All for a flat fee during a 28-day rental period. Rental Protection coverage is included in the price.

ToolFlex™ Program
Rental Protection

The Rental Protection Plan (RPP) is a guarantee that can offset possible damages or theft that may occur during the equipment rental period. The RPP can also cover gaps in your insurance coverage such as when the loss is greater than the deductible.

Rental Protection Plan
Damage Protection

For the cost of repairs, the customer is only responsible for 10% of the cost of the repairs, up to a maximum of $500. The Rental Protection Program can shield customers from unforeseen expenses that could result from damage during the use of rental equipment.

Rental Protection Plan
Safety Training

Safety is central to our culture, the focus of our policies and practices, and we’re constantly looking for ways to help our customers operate a safer workplace. We offer comprehensive safety training programs in the areas of scaffolding, aerial work platforms, and forklifts.

Safety Training

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