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The team at Sunbelt Rentals understands that the goal of the education sector is to maintain a safe, comfortable, and clean environment for students, faculty, and administrators. With our extensive line of cleaning, janitorial, and maintenance solutions – from low-noise vacuums to walk-behind scrubbers – we can help you maintain a healthy and productive learning environment.

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Our extensive selection of floor cleaning machines help you properly maintain all types of environments including classrooms, gyms, hallways, and the cafeteria. Our low-noise floor care machines clean quietly and efficiently, ideal for conducting maintenance while school is in session. Our lawn care machines can help to keep your grounds free of debris and clean througout the school year.

  • Aerial work platforms
  • Climate control solutions
  • Compressed air and air tools
  • Facility maintenance
  • Lawn & landscape
  • Material handling
  • Media blasters
  • Pressure washers
  • Scaffolding and ladders
  • Traffic safety equipment
  • Utility carts


Administrators and parents have high demands when it comes to educational facilities. Safety, comfort, and cleanliness are most important for maintaining the ideal learning environment. Our power generation and climate control equipment is available should your facility suffer a temporary power or heating/cooling loss. We also have a wide variety of facility maintenance machines for your everyday needs, ranging from ride-on sweepers and floor buffers to heavy duty vacuums.

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Educational facilities demand reliable equipment that can perform in any environment. Each piece of Sunbelt Rentals equipment is maintained and routinely serviced by industry professionals at our 1000++ locations. We promise our customers we will MAKE IT HAPPEN by quickly and easily providing the equipment solutions and services you expect.


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Our climate control, floor care, and lawn and landscape solutions are available for delivery and pickup at your convenience, saving you time so you can keep the classes on schedule and students free from distraction. We have what you need to maintain and clean buildings after events, when school is out, and during major maintenance projects. 

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The Rental Advantage

Renting tools and equipment means reduced overhead, cutting costs by eliminating the need for storage, maintenance, costly repair, and staff. Renting also provides you with project flexibility to perform seasonal, temporary, or specialized work. Rentals also come with 24/7 support for when you have equipment-related needs after normal business hours. Avoid maintaining your own equipment inventory, and use Sunbelt Rentals to customize, rent, and exchange.

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Reduced costs for complex bypass pumping plan

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The Florida Aquarium

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Poultry Industry Leader

Sunbelt Rentals offers comprehensive solution for poultry facility



Maintaining a Safe, Healthy Environment

A safe, comfortable environment is critical to the productivity and well-being of students, faculty, and administrators. Sunbelt Rentals offers a comprehensive and cost-effective floor care strategy that includes an extensive selection of scrubbers, specialty flooring machines, vacuums, and more.

Flooring Solutions
Industrial and Utility Vehicles

Whether it’s Gatorade® for the baseball team, a set of hurdles for the track team, or sod for the soccer field, Sunbelt Rentals has a variety of utility vehicles that can help you get your items where they need to be. Our extensive inventory of industrial and utility vehilcles is readily available at your leisure.

Utility Vehicles
We'll Help You Get to the Heights you Need

Do you need to reapir a shingle on the roof? Or replace a light bulb in your cathedral height gymnasium? Sunbelt Rentals can help you reach heights up to 135 feet in order to do the job right. We have an extensive amount of scissor lifts, aerial work platforms, and manlifts that can boost you to the heights you need.

Working at Height
Technical Guidance Any Day of The Week

Need to contend with an emergency situation, such as a broken water line? Looking to clean unwanted paint from a concrete surface? Sunbelt Rentals offers a level of technical support that is unmatched in the industry. Bring us your challenge, and our team of highly-trained technicians will construct your solution.

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