Supported Scaffolding

Choose the best supported scaffolding for the job.

Rely on our scaffold experts to equip your project with the right supported scaffolding for all your access needs.


System Scaffold

Our System Scaffold offers versatility for your vertical access needs and is simple, strong, and easy to use. Its unique design allows for adaptation to most any structure, inside and out. Our System Scaffold is quick to erect and dismantle due to its modular design, absence of loose fittings, and limited number of pieces required. Our design teams create custom configurations for access to tanks and boilers, industrial and petrochemical plants, pulp and paper mill digesters and vessels, ship repair, temporary stair systems, general construction, special events, and more

  • Planking available in wood, aluminum, and steel
  • Horizontals and diagonals available in various lengths to complete any project
  • Trusses available in standard lengths up to 28’ for bridging over structures, doorways, equipment, or machinery
  • Turnkey layout, erection, and dismantle services available

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Frame & Brace Scaffolding

Our design teams provide you with frame scaffolds that are versatile, economical, and easy to use. Frame scaffolds can be stacked for vertical access to safely perform construction or maintenance on structures. Our experts customize different frames to fit your environment, utilizing open end (walk through), box end (step), and ladder (climbing) designs.  With our extensive inventory of accessory items, our teams can quickly install guardrails, toeboards, wall ties, base plates, ladders and brackets, casters, stairways, guardrail posts, side brackets, trusses, putlogs, and screening.   

  • Designs available in 2’, 3’, 4’ and 5’ widths 
  • Utilized in freestanding towers (stationary or rolling)
  • Can be attached to a building with tie braces
  • Cross braces for added stability
  • Side brackets for additional reach to the work area
  • Turnkey layout, erection, and dismantling services available

Frame and Brace Product Guide

Contact our experts today for scaffold design, erection and dismantle services.


Tube & Clamp Scaffolding

We offer an extensive range of scaffold tubes, clamps and boards, supplying you with the necessary reach to inaccessible spaces or when exact specifications are required.  With only three basic components, our Tube & Clamp scaffolding designs provide added flexibility for various projects in areas where other scaffolding does not conform - high or low, inside or out, standard or irregular.  Let our scaffolding professionals provide you with the ideal customized solution, combining numerous accessories to create the best fit for your project.

  • Constructed to exact specifications for the most complex projects
  • Extensive range of accessories for precisely measured customization
  • Durable and versatile
  • Easily adaptable to nearly all types of projects and job sites
  • Turnkey layout, erection and dismantling services available

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Mast Climbing Work Platforms

Our Mast Climbing Work Platforms offer vertical access, improved flexibility, and high productivity with an added ability to lift construction materials in addition to workers.  Our team of experts provides safer and more efficient designs for high capacity vertical access, ideal for heavy-duty projects or projects requiring a large platform.  Our Mast Climbing Work Platforms provide remarkable stability at increased heights, making them the right solution for facade work, painting, bricklaying, marble and precast elements, glass installation, shipyard work, stucco work restoration, demolition, and masonry projects. 

  • Substantial cost savings compared to other access methods
  • Smaller crew sizes and reduced man-hours due to operating efficiency
  • Freestanding or anchored installations available
  • Customized optimum work heights for increased safety and access to tools
  • Safety features including a safety brake and emergency stop
  • Turnkey layout, erection, and dismantling services available

Contact our experts today for scaffold design, erection and dismantle services.


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