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Trench Shoring

Sunbelt Rentals provides a comprehensive line of trench shoring systems for rent to suit your specific job requirements. We understand shoring equipment is an important part of any construction project. With Pump & Power Services locations from coast to coast, you can rent equipment anytime, anywhere.

Excavation projects are a hazardous line of work. Safe shoring and shielding practices are imperative to every dig because serious injury can occur if you don’t shore your trench properly. Our equipment is certified by a registered professional engineer to meet OSHA standards. As your trusted partner, we’ll walk you through every step of the process.

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Trench Shoring Equipment

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Aluminum Trench Boxes

Aluminum trench boxes feature an outstanding weight-to-strength ratio and are used in place of steel trench boxes for smaller trench applications. These boxes are engineered to provide the protection and security for excavation that steel trench boxes provide, but are less than half the weight. They can be easily transported and set up on the job site.

Hydraulic Shoring Shields

Hydraulic shoring shields with static spreaders can be used in applications where lightweight shielding is necessary. These shields are typically used in linear trench applications, including utility lines and pipe installations. Hydraulic shoring shields consist of lightweight, aluminum sidewalls, coupled with heavy-duty, static or adjustable hydraulic spreaders which are protected by steel box tubing.

Hydraulic Vertical Shores

Hydraulic vertical shores are designed to prevent cave-ins in all but the most unstable soil conditions by supporting the side walls of the trench through the use of hydraulic pressure. Shores can be used as spot bracing for repair situations, or they can used for production trenching.

Bedding Boxes

Bedding boxes are built to hold a wide range of products and eliminate the loss of bedding material on your site. Our boxes feature rugged welded construction, fully reinforced at all points of stress. These boxes also come in a wide variety of sizes.

Steel Road Plates

From covering trenches to roadway surfacing, our steel road plates allow you to move people and vehicles over open areas safely. Our road plates offer heavy-duty trench protection and feature lifting eyes for easy moving and placement. They are available in a variety of sizes to meet your project needs.

Rental Solutions

We provide complete turnkey services from start to finish:

  • Trench shoring equipment rentals
  • Project sizing and layout planning
  • On-time delivery and pickup
  • Maintenance
  • 24/7 support and emergency response
  • Highly trained technicians

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