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Sunbelt Rentals Pump & Power Services division provides effective rental solutions to meet a wide range of project needs through the provision of pumps, generators, industrial climate control equipment, dehumidifiers, air compressors, ground protection and trench shoring equipment. You can rely on the expertise of our trained technicians to help guide you through any equipment challenge.

Here you will find a brief description of resources and tools to help customers deepen product knowledge and improve productivity.

Large Pump Basics

There are many technical terms used in the pumping industry. So we’ve put together a list of common pumping terms to help customers better understand industry jargon.

Determining Pump Size

Learn how to size a pump to meet your needs for a variety of applications. Correctly sizing pumps is crucial for optimum performance. With pump installations, it’s important to know how to calculate pump head including Total Dynamic Head (TDH) for peak performance.

Power Generation Basics

Read our list of industry terms related to power generation. This glossary gives customers a basic understanding of electricity including an explanation of Ohm’s Law.

Determining Generator Size

What size generator do you need? Use the kW/kVA amperage chart to properly size the right generator to handle your power requirements.

Load Banks

A load bank is a device that utilizes electric power from a power-generation source to “apply a load” to test the capabilities of primary or backup power supplies.  Load banks validate system performance under various operating conditions before implementation and can detect issues before they become threats, such as design and construction flaws, defective equipment, natural aging, and emissions.

Determining Cooling Capacity

Learn how to measure the cooling capacity of air conditioning equipment so that you can make the best selections for your cooling system. We help you break down the complicated process of calculating cooling capacity with a few simple rules.

Heater Basics

Not all heaters and fuel types are created equal. Browse our list of heating-related terms and get familiar with lingo used in the field. Plus, learn how to easily compare relative heating costs for different industrial heaters.

Dehumidification Basics

Brush up on the basics of dehumidification and dehumidifiers with our glossary of terms. Drying and restoring your equipment or environment after water damage requires the correct calculations. Learn how to estimate the dehumidification requirements for water damage restoration, industrial condensation prevention and surface coatings.

Compressed Air Basics

Compressed air systems are complex. Get answers to the most frequently asked compressed air questions within the industry. Also, learn how to choose the best air treatment packages to fit your needs.

Trench Shoring Basics

Shoring and shielding systems are crucial to construction. When it comes to trench safety, follow our 10 rules of thumb to avoid cave-ins and protect your crew. Reference our glossary when you need a refresher on trench shoring and shielding terms.

Catalogs & Brochures

Request a catalog or brochure to learn more about our Pump & Power Services division’s innovative equipment rental solutions. Sunbelt Rentals is your one-stop shop for all your equipment needs.

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