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Industry Leading Cooling Towers
Our high performance cooling towers are the most innovative in the industry. Why?  Two reasons:  revolutionary Tower Tech design and Six Sigma Lean certified manufacturing.  With a unique set of design features, Sunbelt Rentals towers are less susceptible to downtime, are easier and safer to operate and maintain, offer multiple opportunities for substantial cost savings, and are guaranteed a longer life.
Bottom Mounted Fans. Specially Fabricated Channels
This unique design provides fast, easy, and safe access to all mechanical equipment, with low maintenance upkeep. Our unique fan feature, in conjunction with temperature control, promotes greater energy efficiency, prolonged motor life, system reliability, and protection against downtime and the need for constant maintenance.
Rotating Nozzle System
All of our towers feature the Tower Tech rotating nozzle system. This proprietary design makes the nozzles more efficient, and self-cleaning. This reduces contamination and maintenance costs during operation.
Reservoir Free Design
With fans mounted at the bottom of the unit, and specially fabricated channels built into the tower walls, there is no need for the traditional reservoir.  With no reservoir, and no sunlight reaching the interior of the tower, the incidence of Legionella-causing algae growth is eliminated.
Quicker Cooling. Longer Life
Our designs require less time to cool water, reducing bacteria, minimizing large scale crystal formation, and extending equipment life.
Safety First
Sunbelt understands the importance of safety. Most of our towers are equipped with steel legs and a hand rail to ensure that customers never need to be under a suspended load. Each tower is equipped with a working platform as well as an additional platform between towers when multiple towers are side by side. No need for ladders or scaffolding to check levels or controls.
Quick and Easy Set Up
Sunbelt Rentals is available to unload and set up your cooling towers within a shorter timeframe than most typical tower set-ups.
Industries Served:
  • Schools and Universities
  • Large Office Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Petroleum Refineries, Power Plants and Petrochemical Plants
  • Other industrial processes and facilities
  • Large buildings such as malls and business centers
With our full setup, power generation, pumps and pipe fusion, and 24/7 on-site monitoring, you can count on Sunbelt Rentals to provide you with the most advanced cooling towers you need to run your operations more efficiently.

Contact us or call 800-736-2504 and let us develop a customized plan for your business.

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