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Compressed Air Drying Systems

Looking for ways to deliver clean, dry compressed air for critical processes and machinery? We understand that pairing your air compressor with the appropriate accessories is critical to a project’s success. Our extensive selection of aftercoolers, dryers and filters is guaranteed to help you meet the unique needs of your project.

Our air treatment systems can improve productivity and increase efficiency. With 24/7 service and support, our highly trained technicians are available anytime, anywhere. Whatever your project demands, our industry experience allows us to engineer solutions and provide the most cost-effective equipment rental options that work for you. With our fleet and expertise, we can meet and exceed all of your air compressor needs.

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Rent The Right Equipment

Our customized air treatment systems range from desiccant and refrigerated dryers to aftercoolers and filters. All of our rental equipment is updated and well maintained. We can deliver any equipment to any location of your choosing.

Benefits of Dryer Packages

  • Full instrumentation packages feature aftercoolers and filters
  • Makes air safe, usable and capable of further filtering and drying
  • Ultra-high efficiency systems

Desiccant Dryer Packages

Desiccant dryer packages are widely used and are ideal for moisture-sensitive applications. Our heavy-duty air dryers feature lifting lugs and forklift channels for easy handling. Our full instrumentation packages provide ready indication of system malfunction to keep your equipment continuously running when you need it. Coupled with our aftercoolers and diesel air compressors, desiccant dryers produce the best air quality, exceeding ANSI, ASI and ISO standards. All desiccant dryers can achieve up to -100 degree F dew point. High pressure models are also available for rent.

Refrigerated Dryers

Refrigerated dryers are designed for maximum reliability and provide consistent, clean compressed air. Most commonly used in the industrial market, these dryers can operate in a wide range of field conditions while resisting fouling and maintaining lower pressure. They are highly efficient, rugged heat exchangers and are capable of maintaining a 40 degree F dew point.

Air Compressor Accessories

Choose from our wide range of air compressor accessories to keep your air tools running at peak performance. Aftercoolers and filters work with both desiccant and refrigerated dryers to keep your system running. Rent our compressor accessories to help you carry out your projects as efficiently as possible.

Project Types

  • Scheduled shutdowns
  • Supplemental, replacement or emergency air
  • General construction
  • Demolition tools
  • Critical process air
  • Pneumatic conveying
  • Mining and drilling
  • Pipe drying
  • Painting and coating
  • Sandblasting
  • Soot blowing

Rental Solutions

We provide engineered solutions and complete turnkey services for your project, including:

  • Compressed air drying rentals
  • Project sizing and layout planning
  • On-time pickup and delivery
  • Installation and teardown
  • Maintenance
  • 24/7 support and emergency response
  • Highly trained technicians

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