Sunbelt Rentals Climate Control Services provides temporary, portable, supplemental and emergency cooling, heating and dehumidification equipment for aviation and aerospace companies.

Renting portable air conditioners and heaters cut costs by eliminating weight to your aircraft. As an example, rental equipment can be left in the hangar when not in use. Our climate control products are the best in the industry and are noted for their excellent performance, ease of installation, simplicity of operation, proven reliability, and exceptional quality.

When you need climate control equipment, we can provide a custom tailored solution. You can count on our highly trained and knowledgeable technicians to work closely with you during the entire process. Plus, we will deliver the right equipment when and where you need it, regardless of time or weather.

We can provide equipment rental options and engineered solutions for a wide array of aviation and aerospace applications, including:

  • Heavy Maintenance
  • Storage
  • Temperate Control
  • Humidity

We have the equipment and comprehensive climate control solutions you need to get the job done!

View equipment solutions for your market needs, today.

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