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Sunbelt Rentals Climate Control Services has more than 20 years of experience providing innovative temperature control solutions to meet a wide range of equipment challenges. You can rely on the expertise of our specialized engineers to help guide you through any situation and any challenge.

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Portable Cooling and Facility Maintenance - Download PDF

Facility Managers can benefit from knowing the basics of air conditioning or “spot cooling” for a wide range of uses, both temporary and permanent. This article reviews portable cooling applications, equipment selection factors, proper system sizing and installation, maintenance considerations, and the role of an emergency cooling plan.

Portable Cooling for High Rise Buildings - Download PDF

High-rise buildings present their own unique challenges when it comes to HVAC. This article outlines the ways in which portable air conditioners can provide flexible, cost-effective solutions for cooling and emergency backup in high-rise buildings.

Portable AC for Increased Productivity and Safety - Download PDF

Excessive heat can directly impact worker safety and productivity. Portable cooling can protect workers from heat-related illnesses and accidents as well as help to improve productivity. This article will review the proper equipment sizing and installation factors to help you select a cost-effective temporary, or even permanent, portable cooling solution.

Portable Cooling for Special Events - Download PDF

Unpredictable weather can wreak havoc on a special event. Planning ahead is critical to ensuring your event is a success. This article provides useful information to help you assess the proper cooling equipment needs when planning for your event.

Planning for Your Outdoor Event - Download PDF

Temperature control is a critical factor in whether your guests have a great time at your event or not. This article outlines the many factors and unique requirements that need to be taken into consideration when planning an outdoor tent event.

Basics of Portable Heat Pumps and Heaters - Download PDF

There are a number of portable heating options available for non-residential applications; but they are not as well understood as their portable air conditioning counterparts. This article will review the technologies available to building owners, operators and maintenance supervisors for emergency, temporary and supplemental heating applications.

Portable Heaters & Coolers Help Contractors - Download PDF

Portable heaters and coolers are widely used by contractors for an array of construction applications. This article will outline all of the ways utilizing portable heating and cooling can help improve profitability and productivity on the job-site.