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Climate Control Solutions

Skid and Trailer Mounted Portable Air Conditioners

The Mobile Cool Series of air-cooled air conditioners provide cooling power for large area cooling and dehumidifying. Applications include warehouse facilities, aerospace and aviation, industrial plant shutdowns and maintenance, emergency backup cooling and large scale spot cooling. These units can be configured for cooling only, cooling with electric heat, or heat pump. They are available in cart, skid, or trailer-mounted versions.
The Mobile Cool series has been designed to arrive at the job site ready for operation. Installation is made quick and easy with electrical and duct connections. There units are designed for permanent, supplemental, emergency, and back-up cooling solutions.

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Mobil Cool MOB-42-HP MOB-60-HP MOB-100 MOB-200 MOB-250
Specifications MOB-42-HP MOB-60-HP MOB-100 MOB-200 MOB-250
Cooling Capacity
TU/h (95°F at 60% RH)
3.5 ton / 42,000 5 ton / 60,000 10 ton / 126,000 20 ton / 246,000 25 ton / 290,000
Electric Heat
6-17 kW 6-17 kW 18-54 kW 36-72 kW 36-72 kW
CFM 1400 2000 4000 8000 10000
Power Supply 230v, 26amps, 1ph 230v, 47amps, 1ph 460v, 31amps, 3ph 460v, 53 amps, 3phh 460v, 57 amps, 3ph
Dimensions, WxDxH 33x57x41in 46x73x51in 59x96x53in 92x127x67in 92x128x63in
Net Weight/Shipping Weight 475/570lbs 795/800lbs 1350/1530lbs 2600/3200lbs 3200/3200lbs
Base casters casters/skid skid/trailer available* skid/trailer available* skid/trailer available*
ETL UL All specifications are subject to change without notice.
Smarttech America SACP28A-HS SACP40A-HS SACP80A-HS
Specifications SACP28A-HS SACP40A-HS SACP80A-HS
Capacity 56 tons 40 tons 80 tons
Max Airflow 4,000 cfm 6,400 cfm 17,000 cfm
Cooling Area 4,000/16,000 sq ft 8, 000/16,000 sq ft 16,000/32,000 sq ft
Cool Air Duct Dia/Max Length 1 x 20” 2 x 20” 2 x 20”
Warm Air Duct Dia/Max Length 2 x 20” 2 x 20” 4 x 20”
Voltage 460V, 3ø 460V, 3ø 460V, 3ø
Amp Rating 47.9 67.6 143
Weight 4,040 lbs. 4,620 lbs. 7,500 lbs.
Cat-Class 107-0238 107-0245 107-0285
ETL UL All specifications are subject to change without notice.
Skid Trailer Mounted Skid Trailer Mounted Skid Trailer Mounted