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High Static and Inline Electric Blowers

HIGH STATIC BLOWERS move low to medium volumes of air at high static pressures. Skid-mounted, the fans in our High Static Blowers are rated at 14,000 CFM at 14” Wc., giving you the capacity you need to get the job done. Typical applications include material conveying, product drying, scrubber exhaust, combustion air and more.

INLINE ELECTRIC BLOWERS are designed especially for ducted applications up to 20” with up to 5” External Static Pressure. Mounted on casters, our Inline Electric Blowers offer a horizontal cabinet and are capable of producing 5,000 CFM.
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Specifications PILB5G4
Power Requirements 460V/3ø/60
Blower Capacity 5,000 CFM
Motor 10 HP 460V/3ø
Motor FLA 11.5 Amps
Motor Speed 3,525 RPM
Dimensions 52"L x 38"W x 51.5"H
Weight 582 lbs
Cat-Class 010-1090
ETL UL All specifications are subject to change without notice.
Inline Electric Blower
Specifications VNT1401
Motor 50 HP 460V, 3ø TEFC
Fan Bl-270 DFC spark resistant
capable of 14,000 CFM @ 14" Wc
Dimensions 64"L x 67"W x 60"H
Weight 2,415 lbs
Cat-Class 036-0650
ETL UL All specifications are subject to change without notice.
High Static Blower

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