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Safe-Heat IDF-700 Temporary Industrial Heater

The Safe-Heat® IDF-700 is a self-contained, indirect-fired, portable heater capable of producing 700,000 BTU/hr. The IDF-700 is 90% efficient and produces 100% clean, dry heat offering an ideal environment for a wide variety of heating and drying applications.

  • Stainless steel combustion chamber and heat exchanger for longer life
  • Fuel options: #1 and #2 fuel oil
  • 90% high efficiency heat exchanger
  • Industrial style blower, up to 2 static pressure
  • Pull return air resulting in considerable energy savings
  • Compact design, uses less space and fits through 36" doorway
  • Attach up to 200ft of ductwork
  • Skid or trailer-mounted
  • Durable powder coat finish available
  • Safe, easy to install and operate.
Heating Capacity BTU/h 700,000
CFM 5,000
Fuel Type Fuel Oil*
Max. Fuel Usage Per Hour 5.06 gph
Power Supply 208V, 15 amps, 3ph
Net Weight/Shipping Weight 1200/1200 lbs
Dimensions, WxDxH 31 x 95 x 54in
Certifications SA
*No. 1 fuel oil is recommended when the ambient temperature is less than 8°F (-10°C). Discharge temperature (at 50°F ambient).
One year warranty on the entire unit, PARTS NO LABOR
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial
  • Caotings
  • Power Plants
  • Mining
  • Marine
  • Restoration
  • Events
  • Emergency Heat
  • Military
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