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Aeroclean 9143 Commercial / Emergency Air Filtration System

This Aeroclean air filtration unit is designed to meet or exceed standards for high efficiency indoor air quality filtration equipment. It includes 3 layers of filters that can be changed daily or weekly. This unit is ideal for mold remediation or cleaning and restoration jobs. The Aeroclean 9143 is made from aircraft grade aluminum for reduced weight and easy transportation.

Air Capacity:
Air Capacity 1950 C.F.M. High Speed
Air Capacity 1300 C.F.M. Low Speed
Motor & Dimensions:
Emerson 1.0 H.P. (two speed switch)
33" Length X 26" Width X 26" Height
Slide Down Door for E-Z accessibility
Four (4) Casters for E-Z mobility
Four (4) Handles
12" Exhaust
Weight: 131 Pounds
Power: 110 Volts at 9.4 Running Amps
Carbon Filter
No Casters
Intake Manifold
Hour Meter
HEPA Switch
1st Stage - 24" X 24" Pre-Filter
2nd Stage - 24" X 24" X 1" Ring Panel
3rd Stage - 24" X 24" X 11-7/8" H.E.P.A. Filter
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