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Sunbelt Rentals offers comprehensive solutions for all of your immediate disaster and fire restoration needs. Our portable air scrubbers are ideal for homeowners and contractors dealing with the effects of fire, smoke or water damage. These events and their subsequent restoration activities often release harmful contaminants into the air, which air scrubbers can safely and effectively remove.

Our powerful air scrubbers and negative air machines are designed for maximum air filtration and quickly and effectively remove contaminants such as smoke and smoke odors, drywall dust, dirt, asbestos fibers, metal fumes, bacteria, paint and varnish odors, and gases.

One call solves all. Contact the restoration experts at Sunbelt Rentals 24/7. Call us at 800-892-8677.

HEPA 500 HEPA 2000 AERO CLEAN 9143
HEPA 500
HEPA 2000
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