New hybrid generator solution reduces fuel, emissions, noise – and cost

Generators serve many purposes, including supplemental or temporary power for construction sites, special events, and emergency and portable power during natural disasters or outages. Many commercial buildings and industrial facilities also use generators for primary or backup power.

But there’s a catch. Most diesel generators are over-specified for the requirement, and running them at low loads is inefficient. Generators often operate between 6 percent and 75 percent of capacity – meaning they’re inefficient about 60 percent of the time. As long as they’re running, diesel generators not only use fuel but also emit NoX, particular matter, and carbon byproducts. In addition, the decibel level for most diesel generators makes them a poor choice in applications like live sporting events, such as golf or tennis, or entertainment.

To provide a more fuel-efficient, emissions-friendly, quieter solution, Sunbelt Rentals now offers the Hybrid Energy System (HES). The HES consists of high-density lithium ion phosphate batteries, industrial grade inverters, and an on-board controller. While the diesel generator supplies power, the excess recharges the batteries. At lower loads, the generator is switched off and the HES changes over seamlessly to battery storage for silent power. When the batteries are depleted or the load exceeds the HES capabilities, the generator restarts.

HES comes in two standard configurations – 5-kW to 30-kW units with skid-based enclosures or 100-kW to 1-MW units in ISO shipping containers that can fully support larger loads. In a tower crane application, for instance, the batteries could provide 1MW energy storage, topped off as needed by a 50-kW generator.

The energy control module is an on-board computer that supports set-up and control, displays the hybrid mode, and feeds data to the cloud. This allows remote monitoring and control ideal for critical power applications.

HES applications include guard trailers, mobile offices, refineries and oilfields, compression stations, sporting events and movie sets, and any critical power need. Learn how a general contractor used HES at a major construction site in our case study “Hybrid Solution Provides Non-Stop Power While the Generator Takes a Break.

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