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Load Bank Rentals

From project start to completion, Sunbelt Rentals has the solutions to help safeguard your facility and keep your project on schedule. Our load banks enable your commissioning team to simulate real world conditions and validate power supplies, HVAC systems, and critical infrastructure to ensure your facility or installation will perform as designed. In addition, our extensive fleet of generators and distribution equipment is available for primary or backup power, whether during construction, ongoing operation, or routine maintenance. Supported by more than 600 locations and a seasoned team of professionals, we’re equipped to help you succeed. For unmatched 24/7 service and support, contact the experts at Sunbelt Rentals.


  • Increase uptime and reduce downtime with real-world testing
  • Controlled operations testing of critical power systems
  • Eliminate wet stacking and remove carbon deposits
  • Save time and reduce risk of outages
  • Full turnkey services
  • 24/7 support
  • Seasoned experts in test design and equipment selection
  • Robust and rigorous quality control processes between rentals
  • Safe and reliable testing with high quality equipment


  • Power supply and critical power systems testing
  • Mission Critical, Integrated Systems Testing (IST) of grid power, backup power and HVAC systems
  • Wind and solar farm testing and commissioning
  • Testing of naval and marine generators
  • Both drilling and production oil and gas power generation systems
  • Electrical switchgear burn in or commissioning
  • Substation and transformer testing
  • Annual or semi-annual healthcare backup power system verification
  • Other power generation testing


Contact us or call 800-736-2504 and let us develop a customized plan for your business.

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  • Load Bank Rentals
  • Load Bank Rentals
  • Load Bank Rentals