Troubleshooting EMV

EMV Troubleshooting Chart

Problem Troubleshooting Solution
EMV jaw does not close
  • The EMV lines may be hooked up backwards
Call a product tech at 800-926-2239
EMV jaws close but does not vibrate
  • Check the operating pressure and flow rate, may not be high enough to run EMV
  • Damaged sequence valve
  • Damaged motor
Oil blowing out of oil blow off valve
  • Drain line may be blocked or damaged off valve
  • May be too cold outside, give machine time to warm up
EMV jaw loses grip on sheet
  • Check jaw pads for wear and tear
Call a product tech at 800-926-2239
Sheet will not drive into soil
  • May have to pre-dig site to break up obstacles
  • May have to work sheet up and down to loosen soil and get to desired depth
  • May need bigger/heavier EMV
Call a product tech at 800-926-2239
EMV will not mount correctly
  • Check to make sure all hydraulic adapters/thumbs are disconnected off the excavator
  • Check to make sure you are using the right size bushing
  • May need a larger EMV yoke

Important Hints for Driving Sheet Pile with EMV:

Once you have the sheet locked with the EMV jaws and placed against the back of the frame—and it is level—always remember that you either use your stick arm or boom arm to drive the sheet straight and level.

  • If you are using your stick arm while vibrating, it moves the sheet closer to the frame.
  • If you are using your boom arm it moves the sheet further away from the frame.

You can make minor adjustments every few feet you drive the sheet once you stop to check your level, but once the sheet has been driven in half of its length, there is no adjusting—you must pull sheet all the way back out and start over!

PSI and Flow Rate

  • All of our EMVs have a maximum PSI of 5,000.
  • Flow rates: EMV 300 flow rate is minimum of 32 gallons/minute to a maximum of 57.
  • EMV 400 and 450 flow rate is a minimum of 52 gallons/minute to a maximum of 94.

EMV Hydraulic Lines

  • Most times, the return line is connected to a “T” valve. Remember “T” stands for re“T”urn line.
  • The pressure line always goes to the manifold, which is the rectangular box under all the hose assembles’ at head of EMV..
  • And as a rule of thumb, the drain line is always the smallest line.

EMV Hookup to Excavator

  • Always hook up EMV lines at the elbow of the excavator. This is where the lines from the cylinder on the stick of excavator start, not the boom. Those are the pressure and return lines.
  • The pressure line is always on the side of the cylinder where it stays at top of cylinder.
  • The return line always is on the side where it goes to the bottom of the cylinder.
  • The drain line always goes to back of excavator where you pour in your hydraulic oil.

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