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Air Compressors 600CFM - 900Cfm Rentals

CAT CLASS: 001-0090

750CFM 150psi Diesel Air Compressor

This 750 CFM with a pressure of 150 PSI is portable and cost effective. The onboard fuel capacity is 100 gallons. This air compressor delivers heavy-duty dependability and automatic features including the shutdown protection with indicator lights. The cool-box design helps prolong component life. In addition, this compressor has electric brakes, an external, single point lifting bail, and a strong A-frame drawbar.


CAT CLASS: 001-0115

915CFM 150psi Diesel Air Compressor

Having a 12% reduction in length with a smaller footprint, the 915 CFM 150 PSI DSL air compressor is the most innovative air compressor to date. With panels on all sides of the machine, it is safe and simple to access all service components. The central drain system allows operators to easily drain fluids from the radiator, oil, and fuel tanks to one location. This compressor includes an intuitive joystick providing access to operation parameters and relevant manuals. In addition, the Wi-Fi interface provides operators with real-time access to data.


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