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Outdoor Sweeper Rentals

CAT CLASS: 040-0040

Sweeper Ride-On Diesel - Outdoor

Our full-sized diesel powered sweepers deliver enhanced cleaning performance in the toughest indoor and outdoor environments. This machine offers excellent dust control, while effortlessly picking-up everything from dust to heavy debris.


CAT CLASS: 040-0045

Litter Vacuum Ride-On - Outdoor

The all-terrain litter vacuum offers a safe and efficient solution for all your outdoor cleaning challenges. Its specialty construction strategically allows for curb-climbing, navigating hills and fence line cleaning while maintaining all types of outdoor surfaces including asphalt, concrete, turf, grass and many more.


CAT CLASS: 040-0050

Large Industrial Rider Sweeper Lpg - Outdoor

Built for rigorous and demanding cleaning challenges, the large industrial ride-on sweeper is the largest, most powerful in its class. Its design gives it a wide cleaning path and large capacity hopper to capture everything from cement dust to heavy debris.


CAT CLASS: 040-0053

Large Industrial Rider Sweeper Gas - Outdoor

Largest, most powerful machine in its class. With its wide cleaning patch, quad filtering system and heavy-duty steel construction, it delivers consistent cleaning performance in the most demanding indoor or outdoor industrial and manufacturing environment.


CAT CLASS: 040-0070

High Volume Outdoor Sweeper Diesel

Easily clean harsh, congested environments from parking lots to airports using our largest most powerful outdoor sweeper. Providing consistent cleaning results, this diesel powered, all-weather sweeper collects essentially all forms of debris.


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