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High Head Diesel Rentals

CAT CLASS: 041-0410

3"x3" Diesel High Head Self-Priming Pump

Capable of handling strong flows through industrial applications with a significantly higher head rating than standard trash pumps. With a self-priming pump and large fuel tanks, it allows for easy operation and extended run times up to 33.3 hours on full load. This diesel-powered pump has 3’’x 3’’ suction and discharge with a max head of 300’, enabling it to effectively handle liquids when high heads and pressure is required.


CAT CLASS: 041-0427

6"x4" High Head Electric Pump

Capable of handling flows at significantly higher total dynamic head (TDH) ratings that standard trash pumps. This 6" x 4" utilizes a closed design impeller and a compact volute called a diffuser to generate high discharge pressure. However, they cannot handle large solids. Applications include quarries, forced mains and other head head applications where the TDH requirement is greater than 75'.


CAT CLASS: 041-0435

6"x6" Diesel High Head Self-Priming Pump

Featuring extreme flow technology and an environmentally safe priming system, our diesel high head pumps are capable of handling flows at significantly higher TDH ratings than standard trash pumps. These units are well suited for quarries and force mains, as well as other high head applications where the TDH requirement exceeds 75 feet. In addition, they offer indefinite run-dry capabilities, meaning you don’t have to worry about your pump seizing.


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