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Crimping Tools - Electric Rentals

CAT CLASS: 074-0615

Crimper 6 Ton 12V 600Mcm

Crimper operates on a 12V battery, with easy operation through its light weight and use with one hand. Equipped with a sensor to monitor the force of each crimp and give the user real-time feedback. Has a crimping force of 6 tons for wire up to 600 MCM.


CAT CLASS: 074-0630

Crimper 12 Ton 18V 750Mcm

Best for crimping industrial, grounding and overhead electrical connectors, this unit uses 12 tons of force and is powered by a 12V rechargeable battery and weighs 15 lbs.


CAT CLASS: 074-0650

1/2"-4" Hand Held Fitting Press Cordless

This press tool provides a cordless tool that is versatile in dealing with pipes that range in size from 1/2’’ to 4’’. Eliminates the need to make a connection through other means than force. Easy to use in tight spaces. Works effectively on a wet system, without the need to drain and dry before preforming adjustments or repairs.


CAT CLASS: 150-1125

Hydraulic Crimper Diesel

Hydraulic crimper provides maximum crimping strength, upwards of 10 tons of crimping power. Includes set of various hexagon dies to suit operational needs. Idea for crimping aluminum and copper wire of various sizes. Made with heavy-duty steel for strength and durability.


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