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Portable Light Stand Rentals

CAT CLASS: 012-0210

400 Watt Buoy Light 115V

Equipped with a floating shock system, this durable buoy light gives off 360° of illumination and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, whether it be on a construction site or inside a manufacturing plant. With its 2 bulbs, the buoy light offers a lighting range up to 100 ft. and runs on corded-electric power.


CAT CLASS: 012-0310

500 Watt Light Stand 115V

Weighing under 20 lbs., this 500 Watt single-bulb portable light stand serves as an ideal lighting solution for a wide range of applications


CAT CLASS: 012-0317

4000 Watt (Equivalent) Led Light Cart

A portable light cart that features an assisted mast and rubber foam-filled tires. This cart features 4 LED lights, a rugged durable construction and is completely weatherproof.


CAT CLASS: 012-0320

1000 Watt Tripod Light Stand 115V

Designed to withstand tough and even wet job site conditions, this two-bulb light stand emits color-correct light to help you power through the darkness. With a maximum height of 7’ ft. and weighing in at 25 lbs., it’s easy to both transport and store.


CAT CLASS: 012-0325

1000 Watt Balloon Light

Best for illumination in confined spaces, this balloon light allows for light coverage up to 150’. With 360° of glare-free illumination and a mast that extends up to 13’ft., this light is also easily portable and adaptable to all power sources.


CAT CLASS: 012-0330

2000 Watt Tripod Light Stand 115V

Suitable for a variety of applications, the tripod light stand is extremely portable and extends up to 12’


CAT CLASS: 012-0340

2000 Watt Portable Light Cart 115V

This potable 2000 watt light cart has an weight of 196 lbs. with a mast extending up to 12’ ft. and also easily transportable due to its compact design and easily detachable head and mast. Its steel tube frame is powder coated in safety yellow with a heavy-duty steel telescoping mast that can extend and retract with a self-braking winch.


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