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Hand Tool Rentals

CAT CLASS: 150-1006

Hand Held Axe / Brush Axe

Brush axe is ideal for clearing extra brush or small trees. Made of heavy-duty, hardened steel for strength and durability. Has a blade length of 10’’. Cut with less effort with low-friction blade.


CAT CLASS: 150-1015

Push Broom

The Push Broom has a stiff texture suitable for uses in factories, mills and commercial buildings. You can use this broom to scrub and sweep heavy dirt from concrete, blacktop, rough wood and brick surfaces.


CAT CLASS: 150-1019

Asphalt Rake /Lute

The Steel Asphalt Rake is designed for tough use in asphalt paving. It has pointed teeth for raking and moving materials and a smooth side for finishing.


CAT CLASS: 150-1020


Rake made of durable poly for raking leaves and other yard waste. Designed to be lightweight and flexible to handle needs. Available with different sizes and handles to suit needs.


CAT CLASS: 150-1025


Shovel offers efficiency for light tasks such as digging, gardening, and landscaping. Made with a round point shovel head. Heavy-duty steel blade for durability and strength. Variety of sizes and lengths available depending on operation needs.


CAT CLASS: 150-1030

Sledge Hammer

Sledge hammer provides an ideal way to break concrete and rocks. Easy, manual option for handling demolition work. Made with fiberglass handles to reduce vibration and allow easy handling. Variety of hammer weights and lengths available.


CAT CLASS: 150-1033

Manual Garden Sprayer

Manual garden sprayer makes It easy to apply products to garden, decks, or any yard applications. Comes with 3 spray settings – stream, cone and fan. Ideal for handling insects, plants, or large areas as needed. Has a 2 gallon capacity.


CAT CLASS: 150-7010

Tee Block


CAT CLASS: 150-7020

Tape Measure 100'

Tape measure provides markings that allow for accurate measurements. Tape measure is made with markings easy to read. The end blade ensure strength for holding in place while measuring. Neatly recoils back into case. Measures up to 100 ft.


CAT CLASS: 150-7080

Fence Stretcher

The fence stretcher allows a fence to be pulled evenly and tightly. The U-channel design holds the fence firmly in place. Ideally used for a field fence of 48’’-52’’ or a chain link fence of 36’’-48’’.


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