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CAT CLASS: 001-0680

1600CFM Aftercooler/Dryer/Filter Pkg

1600CFM Aftercooler/Dryer/Filter Pkg

CAT CLASS: 001-0680

1600CFM Aftercooler/Dryer/Filter Pkg

  • Aftercooler with air-driven fan motor
  • Prefilter 1: Separator/ filter
  • Prefilter 2: Ultra-high efficiency coalescing type oil removal filter
  • Pressure-swing (heatless) regenerative desiccant dryer
  • Afterfilter 
  • 87”H x 78”W x 83” D
  • Weight 6,000 lbs. 
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The 1000CFM with a maximum pressure of 250 PSI aftercooler/dryer/filter is a complete air treatment system in one package. The aftercooler with an air-fan driven motor lowers temperature of air leaving the compressor to within 7.5 degrees Fahrenheit of ambient temperature and eliminates 80% of water. The prefilter 1 is a separator/filter that removes bulk liquids and filters the air, followed by the prefilter 2, which is an ultra-high efficiency coalescing type oil removal filter which removes fine oil droplets (aerosols) and solid particles. In addition, the pressure-swing regenerative desiccant dryer produces extra dry air to minimize purge air requirements. Last, the afterfilter removes desiccant fines and allows long element life.

Safety & Training

It is very important that you are properly trained and have proof of training (wallet card) with you when using this equipment, you’re required to wear all the manufacturer's recommended safety equipment, review all safe operation manuals and decals, and observe all safety precautions when utilizing tools and operating equipment.

Operator/User assumes all responsibility for the use, care, and inspection of this equipment and your Personal Protective Equipment.

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Other safety requirements:
  • Eye Protection
  • Dust Mask

Rental Protection Plan

Ensure your peace of mind with the additional coverage provided by Sunbelt Rentals' Rental Protection Plan.

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Make Model Width Height Weight Length Outlet Dew Point
Sullivan-Palatek SPS-1600RS 73" 103.5" 4,918 lbs 96" -40ºF

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