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CAT CLASS: 150-0890

33lb Propane Cylinder

33lb Propane Cylinder

CAT CLASS: 150-0890

33lb Propane Cylinder

  • Capacity of 33.5lbs.
  • Contains 722,850 BTU when full
  • 27.3”H x 12.2” W
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Primarily used for forklift operation, these industrial-grade cylinders hold 33.5 lbs. of propane and when properly mounted on a lift truck, will generally provide around eight hours of continuous operation. They do not require OPD valves to be refilled.

Safety & Training

It is very important that you wear all the manufacturer�s recommended safety equipment, review all safe operation manuals and decals, and observe all safety precautions when utilizing tools and operating equipment.

Operator/User assumes all responsibility for the use, care, and inspection of Personal Protective Equipment.

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Other safety requirements:
  • Gloves

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