CAT CLASS: 0100474

550,000 BTU MA Direct Fired Heater LP/NG


Direct-fired make-up air heaters work well in most types of construction applications, helping to control moisture and air contaminants. This heater provides a maximum of 550,000 BTU’s per hour and operates similar to a permanent air handler, providing evenly distributed, warm, dry air. Installed either inside or outside, this series of heaters draw 100% fresh air through the unit’s intake and discharge tempered air controlled by a remote thermostat.


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Model THP-550A
Max Airflow 3,000 CFM
Max BTU 550,000
Overall Dimensions 60"L x 31"W x 66"H
Power Source 115/1/60/20
Type Propane
Weight 500 lbs

Safety information

Safety Requirements
  • Gloves