Fuel Payment Options

Convenient Fuel Payment Options

For equipment that uses fuel, for your convenience, Sunbelt Rentals allows you to choose how you want to replace the fuel you use during your rental before returning your equipment. For fuel replacement, Sunbelt Rentals provides three options: Prepay Fuel Option, Pay on Return Option and Return Full Option. The pricing of each of these options will be posted at Sunbelt Rentals locations.


Sunbelt Rentals offers a Prepay Fuel Option. The Prepay Fuel Option  is an  option that permits you to purchase at the time of rental a full tank of fuel, in which case a “convenience charge” will appear on your contract, calculated at a competitive, self-service per gallon price. The charge is based on the estimated average fuel tank size for the equipment. There is no hassle and this option saves time and money. As an added convenience, you can purchase the Prepay Fuel Option at the time of the rental, however, if you decide to return the equipment full of fuel, you will be refunded the cost of the Prepay Fuel Option. This way, you can either decide to fill it up or let Sunbelt Rentals do it when you return the equipment—it’s your choice. 


With this option, you can pay the full-service fuel price per gallon of fuel used. This is another easy, timesaving option in which you only pay for the fuel you use.


The final option is returning the equipment full of fuel. You will be charged the Prepay Fuel Option cost at the time of the rental, but you will receive a refund when you return the equipment full of fuel.

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