Why Use Command Center?


Whether your company is in the process of expanding its capabilities or in the middle of a busy season, your attention to projects, invoicing, overhead, and employees is no easy task. The absence of equipment needed can stop any project in its tracks – destroying high priority goals including budgets and deadlines.

Getting equipment when and where you need it does not have to be time consuming, costly, or stressful. Sunbelt Rentals can help you find anything from skid-steers and aerial work platforms to heaters and material handling equipment, with the click of a button.

Our account management tool, Command Center, allows you to order online and manage rental scheduling anytime, anywhere, at your convenience. Keep your team safe, warm, and on schedule during the upcoming months and tackle the winter with ease by using Sunbelt Rentals Command Center.


Downtime is inevitable and eliminating it all together is close to impossible. Minimizing downtime and learning to effectively deal with sporadic requests can help your business run like a well-oiled machine. The key for optimization is to develop a system, adhere to that structure, and be ready for curve balls. Automation can help you worry less about your system and focus more on the curve balls. Utilizing, shipping, and renting your equipment can use these rules of success. Whether it may be a single task or an emphasis of your business, an efficient option is at your fingertips.

Traveling to your closest equipment rental store or calling in an order can take a substantial amount of time out of your day. Command Center gives you the option to easily and instantly place your order online, followed by a confirmation call from a Sunbelt Rentals representative. Upon completion of your order and immediately after generation in our system, your invoice will be electronically sent to you. For future requests, you can use our Quick Rent tab to save you time. The Quick Rent feature allows you to view your frequent orders, recent orders, and favorite items, for additional convenience.

An additional feature is the Sunbelt-to-Customer tracking feature. This feature is located on the Jobsite Map and it shows you, in real-time, when Sunbelt Rentals is delivering, picking up, or coming to service equipment.


At the end of the day, putting money back in your pocket and improving your bottom line is the key to expanding your business and its capabilities. Command Center allows you to eliminate rental overages with the ability to take equipment immediately off-rent. This way you will maximize your on-rent unit and prevent unnecessary ordering.

Today, reporting is essential to your success. Being able to pinpoint and maximize your efficiencies can sometimes be difficult. Almost every database and website offers some sort of reporting feature, and learning the ins and outs of that feature is crucial to understand how to enhance your information. Advanced reporting on Command Center helps you easily monitor your rental units, and its real-time notifications keep you informed at all times.

Finding innovative and effective solutions for day-to-day business can cut downtime and improve your bottom line. Command Center is just one helpful platform that has the potential to improve many aspects of your projects. From managing equipment usage on several jobsites to real-time invoicing, its features and the data it provides can be an essential tool. Knowing how to effectively use this information for your benefit can be easy and quick with hands-on training and weekly training sessions available. Command Center is just one solution that Sunbelt Rentals provides.


“Command Center eliminates calling your rep to release equipment, it’s so easy online!”

- Amy Rogers
  Purchasing Agent, Seretta Construction

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