Tropical Storm Cristobal Equipment Advisory

Per the National Weather Channel, Tropical Depression Cristobal will emerge into the Gulf of Mexico tonight and will track toward the Gulf Coast of the United States as a tropical storm this weekend with expansive threats of flooding rain, coastal flooding, high surf, and strong winds. 

Are you prepared? Let us help you establish your plan

The safety of our customers and communities is more than a priority — it is a core value of our team. We hope that you and your family are safe throughout Cristobal.

Once the natural disaster hits, our team can help you activate your plan

Sunbelt Rentals is prepared to support you with supplemental fleet during your restoration efforts. We have deployed additional resources to projected impact areas including power, HVAC and dehumidifiers, pumpsheavy equipment, lighting, and more. Should you require additional fleet to meet response effort needs, we are ready to assist.

Please contact your nearest Sunbelt Rentals location to confirm equipment availability and reservations placed online.

CLICK HERE to find your closest Sunbelt Rentals location.

If you have submitted an order via Command Center, please review your emailed reservation and call the location indicated on the reservation.

For immediate assistance, contact our Customer Service Hotline at 1-800-667-9328 or complete this online form.

Each year, heavy rain, strong winds, floods, and coastal storm surges pose a significant threat to lives and properties. If you are living in the area or are supporting the recovery, please take care. These storms can leave residents helpless and fearful without proper precaution and response.

Read our blog on how to equip your business for hurricane/tropical storm recovery and download our checklist for tips designed to keep you safe in the event of a natural disaster. 

If you currently have equipment on rent that is damaged or lost as a result of the storm, please follow the instructions listed here.




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