Total Rewards Compensation


During career fairs, our team members are frequently asked, “What do you pay?” The answer to this question cannot be provided on the spot.

Wage is determined by the need of a specific role combined with an employee’s experience, skill set, and qualifications. We are unable to accurately answer any questions related to pay in a five-minute window at a career fair – if we tried, an answer could be unfairly high or low.

It’s important for candidates to contemplate several options in their job search.  

Commute – consider your driving expenses such as fuel, tire wear, miles on your car, etc. In addition, how much time are you spending in your car? Could you be saving more time for your family by eliminating your time on the road?

Income – think about your income for hours worked as well as overtime hours worked and/or bonuses

Vacation – review paid time off plan as well as paid holidays

Benefits – consider healthcare including individual and family coverage

The above factors are before you even consider the opportunities for professional growth, job security, and workplace culture. We want to equip you for success in comparing total compensation. Contact Us for our Total Rewards Compensation form to help you make it happen for you.


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